The Best Snow Blower Reviews and Comparisons 2015

The snowy season approaches us so close and then comes a great deal of fun in handy! Snow forts cross your mind, snow fights arrive in your list, and skiing for sure cannot escape from that to-do note. Yet God is fair as always; he never grants us anything without taking back something else. Inches, or even worse, piles of white cold stuff on deck or in the yard are what he gives back to us and thereby causes grief for homeowners like you (and us!). Then there is such a compelling need to clear them all before you can head out and enjoy yourself with the snow. And you are well-informed enough to figure it out that a shovel alone cannot put an end to the problem. It is when you wish to purchase a powerful snow blower. A powerful-yet-cheap machine – it should be a plus, since we are all humans by nature!
Here you are…..stuck in another problem! You may have no hint of how to start searching for one and get overwhelmed among a plethora of companies with their ads. You can start with familiar (usually well-known) brand names. Yup, they can well ensure you the quality, but not the price. Reversely, less household names may not easily win your trust with their products’ quality and prestige initially but they, in lieu, elude you with the price. Hence, the very first rule is: “Don’t be fooled by hype. That’s how advertising goes.

Looking For a Solution?

Our team thus feel motivated to gather customer reviews from most prestigious sites, including even our members’ true experience, to propose you Snow Blower Reviews:

What are the best snow blowers of 2015?

These following snow throwers not only guarantee you their capacities but surprise you how much they are able to offer with such friendly charges as well.


Prior to getting detailed reviews of each product, it is highly recommended that you should get a brief overview as well as comparison among Top 5 best snow blowers. It helps you visualize what you are offered and come to a wise buying decision later. Believe us or not, you hardly can look for a perfect one but a close-to-perfect is absolutely feasible.

Below are our review of Best Snow Blowers of 2015. Here they come….


Electric Snow Thrower
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Ergonomic Design

What strikes potential buyers at the first sight is the compact design and sophisticated red color of Toro 38361. Covering itself with a durable plastic, this is such an easy-to-use snow-clearing tool with its light weight of only 13 lbs. and the impressive capacity of blowing 300-Pounds of snow per minute. Its ultra-compact size goes along with a telescoping handle whose height adjustment varies to 6 inches to suit any users in, especially, residential areas. As such, the tool is mostly applicable in for balconies, staircases, decks, or even pavements, walkways, etc.

Toro 38361 operates reliably to those with back problems and the retired with this height-adjustable and lightweight feature, both of which renders it hassle-free to handle and hang it on the wall. With Toro 38361, you can put aside your concerns about running gas, oil or batteries, simply because it consumes electricity. It also indicates that Toro 38361 requires no maintenance or tune-ups, not to mention that the cover is rust-resistant. Furthermore, an extension cord-lock system is attached to the machine to assure you the cord will be always locked properly, which inhibits a sudden halt during use.

Series-wound 7.5 Amp Motor

Toro 38361 functions with a series-wound 7.5 Amp motor that helps perform its snow removal of up to 12 inches long and 6 inches deep in one pass. It is backed with a streamlined auger drive system. The machine utilizes a single rotor with two arched blades to quickly and efficiently clear snow piles and generate sharp torques when it still runs at quite a low speed.

Toro 38361-Electric Snow Thrower

Toro 38361-Electric Snow Thrower

Customer Review

If you by happenstance purchase Toro 38361 before reading this Snow Blower Review, you will give a big thumb-up for all presented so far. As stated by an Amazon customer named Ann Schoenhard: “This is easy for me to handle and blows the snow a good distance away from me. I use a 50′ extension cord and this is the right length for me and doesn’t come disconnected. This sure beats me shoveling the snow, getting a back ache and freezing out there! I am a female, in my early 60′s, so this purchase has a 5 star rating for me.”

Toro 38361 Ease of Use

Toro 38361 Ease of Use

This short-but-sharp spec hopefully explains why Toro is awarded as No.1 brand of Electric Snow Blower in the United States. Nevertheless, none is perfect in its literal sense. As you may guess, Toro 38361 works best in small tasks as in your residential area with its capacity as well as “portable” size. Then do not exceed its capacity by trying to force it to remove more intended volume of snow.

Toro 38361 Pros and Cons
Let’s take a glance at the pros-and-cons summary below before you decide “What is the best snow blower?” for you.

  • Cost-effective with no need of oil or gas. Get ready, plug in and off you go!
  • Easy and safe to maneuver with its compact size and extended cord-lock system.
  • Suitable for any users with a telescoping handle.
  • Applicable to different areas.
  • Maintenance-free.
  • Best functions with small tasks mostly.
  • Not work well on tough surfaces (e.g. with gravels on)

The product covers 2-year warranty with no minor assembly required. All you have to do is to pay $99.99 only and bring one home!


greenworks 26032 corded snow thrower


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Global warming has got more and more acute and thicker piles of snow over years are the most apparent evidence. Then why don’t you pick a snow thrower that can help solve your problem in dual aspects: snow-resistant while environment-friendly? Should you have the same thought, Greenworks 26032 is doubtless your VIP option. We are not plainly talking about its cool green cover. What truly sets Greenworks 26032 apart from other competitors is the fact that this electric machine releases zero carbon footprint for eco-friendliness. It helps save your hard-earned money while protecting the environment. Yet that’s not enough to make it one of the best snow blower, sure!

Easy-To-Use Compact Design

To begin with, this “green” tool is supported with a safety cord lock and a rubber-grip handle, besides an adjustable chute to boost up the ease of maneuverability and control. What’s more, it features a directional discharge crank that offers a complete 180 degree turning radius. You thus are able to adjust it suitably at an appropriate angle and direct the snow discharge wherever you’d like. The machine also comes with a simple start button and 6-inch radial wheels. So even though Greenworks 26032 is closely 3 times heavier than above Toro 38361, your moves with this snow thrower are still smooth and effortless. All the aforementioned stuff can be quickly done with a switch!

Powerful Clearing Capacity

Greenworks 26032 employs a 12 Amp motor whose excellent capacity reaches up to a 20-inch clearing path and 850 pounds of snow per minute – as a perfect alternative to other bulky gas-powered models. The four blade rotor that is capable of throwing snow up to 20 feet. Owing to its power, thick patches of snow on decks, yards, driveways or pavements will be no longer a trouble to you! Average or large sized lawns or gardens are also ideal conditions for Greenworks 26032 to perform its strength.

Industry-Best 4 Year Warranty

Additionally, GreenWorks 26032 electric snow blower provides an industry-best 4 year warranty. It’s offered to aid you in overcoming the harsh conditions that winter can throw at you. Just so you know, a 4-year warranty is up to TWICE as long as the other leading national brands.
To ensure whether this snow thrower is “born” for you, please take a look at our sum-up of what you can reap benefits from GreenWorks 26032 and what you cannot.

Greenworks 26032 Snow Blower Reviews'' corded snow thrower

Greenworks 26032 12-amp 20” corded snow thrower

  • Easy, dependable and safe to utilize.
  • Eco-friendly since there is no carbon emission during use.
  • Suitable for any users, because with the adjustable rubber grip handle, you can set its height at one of three positions for increased ease and efficacy.
  • Cost-effective. The unit’s electric motor doesn’t require tune-ups or oil.
  • Best practical for decks, yards, driveways or even large-sized gardens.
  • Quiet during operation.
  • Heavy and wet snow can be a tough challenge to this tool. Do not try to exceed its expectation since somehow it still works.
  • If you fall in love with this “green” guy, do not hesitate to pick up your phone and order one, ‘cause we strongly believe that GreenWorks 26032 will not let you down with power, effectiveness, and valuable features.
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Some or even most of you may find Snow Joe unfamiliar and wonder: “Should this be recommended?” We are well informed that the brand name is not as big as other fellows, such as: Toro, Husqvarna or Worx, but you should totally not undervalue Snow Joe SJ620 simply because of that. After reading the review, you will understand why our team regard Snow Joe SJ620 as one of the best snow blower. Especially for the price, it should be top of your to-choose list.

Sophisticated Electric Corded Design

Firstly, Snow Joe SJ620, like other above snow blowers, is incredibly comfortable to use and maintain. Its sophisticated electric corded design renders the machine cost-effective and trouble-free, since there’ll be no more wearing out your arm on a pull cord. As such, you have no concern about dead batteries or the costly regular maintenance of a combustion engine. In addition, the ergonomic design provides you with maximum comfort and leverage during operation. You just have to press the push button, squeeze the blue safety lever on the handle and you’re ready to go. Furthermore, compact, pivot wheels produce easy torques at the end of each pass. Snow Joe SJ620 is backed with a 180° adjustable discharge chute as well that controls the height and direction of the snow stream. It signifies that you have full control on where the snow you move ends up.

Strong 13-1/2 Amp Motor With 5-Blade Rotor

What stays inside this machine is a strong 13-1/2 Amp motor, whose capacity reaches up to 650 pounds of snow per minute. Snow Joe SJ620 employs a heavy-grade steel, five-blade rotor, and thereby is able to cut 18-inch wide and 10-inch deep per pass as well as to throw snow up to 20 feet. Hence, there is no need to ever clear off the same snow twice. Walkways, patios, and driveways will be quickly cleaned up with ease. Whereas the snow blower works best on freshly fallen powdery snow, it can still make quick work of heavy snow. Heavy, wet snow – which the SJ620 can plow through without excess struggle – can still fly 10 feet or more with its powerful engine.

Snow Joe SJ620 Top Snow Blower Reviews

Snow Joe SJ620 Electric Snow Thrower Reviews

The dependable Snow Joe SJ620 is being sold at a price of $245.80. The machine is ETL inspected and approved, and it covers a full two-year warranty.

Another Consideration

By the way, we’d like to recommend another “sibling” of SJ620, which is SJ621. Basically, these 2 machines resemble in terms of innovative features and strength. The most remarkable differences between them are SJ621’s bigger size (which helps it gain a little weight), its halogen lamp that allows you to use it late at nights and the 4-blade rotor instead of 5 in SJ620. Fortunately, this product is on sale at $202.93 only. We get what we pay for! So you can consider SJ621 if you wish to save some money and more often utilize it at night if you buy one home. However, no matter which one you choose, we trust that either is worth every single penny of yours.

  • Instant Start for quick, convenient start-ups. Easy to use and store.
  • Strong capacity along with high control of snow direction.
  • Long-lasting durability and lightweight since SJ620’s cover is made of high-impact plastic
  • Cost-effective and flexible.

  • Some reviewed it often operates its best with small tasks.
  • Straightforward and somehow mundane sounding instructions.

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 Toro 38381 Best Snow Blowers

Toro 38381 Reviews

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As you can see, Toro 38381 – another Toro sibling – is the most costly snow thrower we’ve introduced so far. Yet as we have just stated, you got what you pay for. So take a glance at the following lines to find out why Toro 38381 is a value for money and should be taken into your consideration.

Why is Toro 38381 a good value for your money?

Toro 38381 is another electric-powered engine which thereby can be operated by any member of the family, even your retired parents who may be faced with their sore backs. Owing to its light weight of only 24 pounds and being backed with a cord lock system, users do find it handy and friendly to do the task with this machine, since there is no more concern about interrupted power and then sudden halt. Moreover, the sleek, full-bail ergonomic handle is specifically made for maximum ease of use and it automatically folds for storage when not in use. The snow blower’s Zip Deflector aids you in controlling to throw snow high or low, and locking the ratchet deflector adjusts simply with the touch of your hand. Large 6-inch wheels that provide effortless moves should be mentioned as a plus.

SnowBlowers Toro 38381

Toro 38381 SnowBlowers Reviews

Power Curve Technology

To dig a little deeper, behind Toro 38381 is a 15 Amp electric engine with an amazing capacity of up to 700-Pounds of snow per minute for quick and efficient performance. The machine can blow out 18-inch width and 12-ich height of snow in one quick pass. Above all, with the combination of patented Power Curve technology, curved rotor and deep-cutting blades, Toro 38381 clears more snow in less time and effectively prevents hassle clogging, whereas the 1600 adjustable chute is designed for ideal snow-throwing control. Each innovative feature keeps you safe and relaxed while doing your job of blowing snow.

All the above mentioned features explain why Toro 38381 is a great option for walkways, patios, decks, small driveways, and other residential areas. This snow thrower is currently for sale at $354.00 with a full 2-year warranty. If you feel it right with this guy, be quick to bring you a good value today!

  • Light weight and ergonomic to maneuver and store.
  • Quiet during use.
  • Powerful capacity with state-of-the-art Power Curve technology.
  • Maintenance-free. The unit’s electric motor doesn’t require tune-ups or oil, gas.
  • Easy assembly.

  • 12-gauge outdoor rated extension cord recommended (not included to boost up its efficacy.
  • Tough surfaces can be a challenge.

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Power Smart DB7651 Top Snow blower reviews

Power Smart DB7651 SnowBlower

Phew…the last product already! We have just mentioned that Toro 38381 is currently the most pricey snow blower but now the Power Smart DB7651 (with electric start) will gain the upper hand! At the current expense of $704 USD (on, the Power Smart DB7651 may cost you much than expected. Believe us, every single piece of reality has reasons to be. And so this is not a case, too!

How “Smart” is Power Smart DB7651?

As the name may reveal, this is a very smart snow thrower that fuels itself with gas and electric at the same time. The electric starter blows away the standard drawback of most gas models and as a gas two stage model, it can clear a heck of a lot more than its electric siblings. It is a solid build which has a large 24-inch width which is great for clearing big areas of snow.
In terms of the clearing capacity, the two stage Power Smart DB7651 boasts a fairly big clearing width of 24 inches, and can go to 20 inches deep. Employing two-stage technology, snow removal efficiency has got advanced, which means faster and further snow throwing. It also possesses great throwing distance, so it becomes trouble-free for you to throw the snow away from your cleared drive. The 12-inch serrated, all-steel augers pull snow into the blower unit to power through tough conditions. In addition, the skid shoes allow adjustment to the height of the scraper and then so the snow blower can work wonders on several surfaces, such as concrete, dirt, and ice. The DB7651 also has a self-propelled drive system which is perfect for drifts as it requires less effort from you.

Power Smart DB7651 Top SnowBlowers Reviews

Power Smart DB7651 Reviews

Maneuverability and Durability

Backed with four forward speeds and two backward speeds, the DB7651 is easily maneuverable in any direction. The back speeds aid you in double backing over some tricky bits without having to turn round the whole machine. Besides, a drive speed and direction control panel helps you get a full management over the machine and see which settings you are on without stopping the machine and readjusting if necessary. The speed settings allows you to move at your own pace depending on the amount of snow, making it great in all types.
This Power Smart snow remover is a truly practical and functional build and you will feel its great durability when using it. It is specially designed for use in cold climates with a push button electric start – no more need to fight with the recoil starter when it starts. The tyres are also very sturdy, rendering the machine easy to move. We also have to list out its remote chute direction control that helps position the chute wherever you want.
You’ll be the envy of the neighborhood with this capable snow thrower right today of you purchase it now!

  • Such a good deal, compared with the size.
  • Combination of convenience and power from its mixture of gas and electricity.
  • Cost-effective since this require around one quart of oil.
  • Two-stage technology with powerful engine.
  • Great performance even on unpaved surfaces.
  • Non-Carb Compliant This is not for sale in California.
  • The dipstick to check the needed amount of gas is somewhat difficult to read.
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Above is all the bolts and nuts of Best Snow Blowers of 2015 highly recommended by our team. We pen this snow blower review with the hope to provide you all a short-but-sharp overview of top rated snow blowers with the best price possible. We would be glad if after finishing your read, you will land at a wise buying decision and enjoy your snowy season to the fullest.
If you have any questions or concern, please do not hesitate to put your words in the comments below.